3 Types of Salt For Saltwater Pools

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Saltwater pools are growing in popularity thanks to their lower maintenance and higher quality water. Saltwater pools are especially popular in warmer states such as Florida where swimming is a year-round pastime and retired people are looking for lower maintenance and cost-effective solutions. With the rapid growth in saltwater pools, the proper types of salt to use are an understandable question. There are a large number of types of salt but only three should be used in a saltwater pool.

Why Choose the Right Salt

Choosing the right salt is key because it affects how well your pool maintains its chemistry and that affects how often you need to replace your salt water generator. The right salt also affects staining and damage to your pool and accessories. The better the salt you use in your pool the less maintenance will be required. Salt with more impurities leads to more trouble with your pool.

Solar Salt

Solar salt is created by taking seawater and putting it in a holding area where the water is heated by the sun and evaporates leaving the sea salt. The water contains bacteria and brine shrimp which thrive in the increased salt created by the evaporation. Eventually, though, both the shrimp and bacteria die off as the salt increases. These dead organisms create impurities that cause your salt generator to work harder.

Mechanically Evaporated Salt

Mechanically evaporated salt is created in a similar way as solar salt but another heat source is used for evaporation instead of the sun. This heat source burns off all the organic matter, including the brine shrimp and bacteria. The impurities left behind are more of the mineral type, such as phosphates, nitrates, iron, copper, etc.  None of these are good for your pool. The main way your pool is affected by these minerals is in the water balance, salt cell, and staining.

Mined Salt

Mined Salt is the purest salt you can put in your pool. It is gentler on your hair, skin, and eyes, as well as your swimwear. It tends to dissolve faster allowing you to return to swimming quicker. The lack of impurities in mined salt also means there won’t be staining of the pool.

When sourcing your salt it is best to go to your pool store. The price may be higher but knowing you have the right salt is worth the price in the long term.

If you have questions about the right kind of salt for your pool, be sure to contact us for information.

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