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Salt Industries Turf Cooling

Turf Cooling Products

TºCool stands as the sole technology-driven synthetic turf infill available in the current market. It is entirely eco-friendly, free of toxins and hazards, sustainable, and has the remarkable capability to reduce turf temperatures by 35ºF to 50ºF+. This innovative advancement significantly decreases the heat on synthetic turf surfaces, minimizing friction to address concerns related to skin turf burns. T°Cool enhances the safety and playability of synthetic turf surfaces, benefiting countless individuals.

Discover the future of artificial turf with TºCool, a groundbreaking cooling infill designed to revolutionize the way we think about synthetic surfaces. By harnessing the power of evaporative cooling – a process similar to the natural thermoregulation in our bodies – TºCool provides an unparalleled cooling effect. Just like natural grass, it utilizes moisture from irrigation, rainfall, or even humidity to significantly reduce the temperature of artificial turf surfaces by up to 50ºF. This innovative approach ensures your turf remains cool, comfortable, and playable, even on the hottest days.

TºCool stands out as the sole technology-driven infill solution in today’s market, boasting a 100% non-toxic and non-hazardous composition. Its unique ability to cool turf surfaces up to 50ºF for multiple days with just a single water “charge” sets a new standard in turf technology. Beyond cooling, TºCool significantly decreases surface friction, providing a safer environment that minimizes the risk of skin turf burns. This makes synthetic turf more accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of users, from professional athletes to children and pets.

Embodying the epitome of innovation, TºCool’s effectiveness and superiority lie in its meticulously engineered features. Available in pretreated 16/30 grade coated sand and 10/20 grade coated rubber, TºCool’s infill options are designed to resist compaction and inhibit bacterial growth, thanks to the sustainable, bio-based antimicrobial, Bac Shield. This cooling technology not only ensures your turf is cooler, cleaner, and safer but also marks TºCool as the proven, effective solution for anyone seeking to enhance the performance and safety of their synthetic turf installations.

Salt Industries pool salt

Clorox Pool Salt

Our Clorox brand pool and spa pool salt, composed of over 99% pure, all-natural ingredients, is crafted with ultra-fine granules for rapid dissolution. The unmatched quality and uniformity of Clorox pool salt establish it as a trusted choice for every pool owner.

Saltwater pools require smart maintenance, focusing on water chemistry and equipment care. The salt chlorine generator, or salt system, is key, turning salt into chlorine to keep the water clean. Knowing how this works helps you maintain your pool effectively.

Clorox Pool Salt, with over 99% pure ingredients and fine granules, dissolves quickly, making it a reliable choice for pool owners. It’s designed for efficiency and uniform quality, ensuring your pool stays ready for a dip anytime.

Salt Industries Morton Products

Morton Water Softener Pellets

For households dealing with hard water, Morton Water Softener Salt Pellets offer a solution for softer water with numerous benefits. These pellets, designed for quick dissolving, help reduce the buildup caused by hard water in pipes and appliances. They also improve dish cleaning and leave hair and skin feeling softer after bathing. To maintain these advantages, it’s recommended to add two to four new bags every other month, depending on your household size. Our 40 lb. bags feature a sturdy plastic handle and an easy-tear opening for convenience.

Morton Water Softener Salt Pellets are designed to combat the issues of hard water, offering a straightforward solution for households struggling with mineral buildup in their plumbing and appliances. The quick-dissolving pellets not only facilitate smoother operation of household systems but also enhance the effectiveness of dishwashing, providing a noticeable difference in cleanliness. Moreover, the benefits of using these pellets extend to personal care, with users experiencing softer skin and hair after bathing, thanks to the reduced hardness of the water.

Maintaining the softness of your water requires regular replenishment of Morton’s salt pellets, with a recommendation of two to four 40 lb. bags every other month, depending on the size of your household and your water usage patterns. These bags are thoughtfully designed with convenience in mind, featuring a sturdy handle for easy carrying and an easy-tear opening for hassle-free addition to your water softening system. This ensures that the process of keeping your water soft is as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the fuss.

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