Benefits of Calcium Chloride

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When purchasing the right type of salt, it’s important to know what each does and the benefits. If you’re looking for something for anti-icing, prewetting, or dry blending, calcium chloride might be for you!


Anti-icing entails applying different chemicals that encourage the melting of ice to prevent the formation of bonds between ice and your pavement during winter. This practice requires smaller quantities of deicing material, which minimizes related costs and the possible runoff to the surrounding. The savings that result from anti-icing can be significant. EPA says anti-icing approaches can minimize deicer usage by approximately 75 percent.


Calcium chloride can be used in prewetting rock salt because it promotes the salt’s performance at different temperatures. In its liquid form, it provides salt with the moisture to initiate melting. For so many years, liquid calcium chloride has been used to achieve better ice melting performance and improve traction during winter. This is effective in reducing snow cover by up to 27 percent compared to other brines. The use of calcium chloride in prewetting abrasives and salt minimizes scattering and keeps granular materials on the road, and reduces the environment’s effect.

Dry Blending

When you blend rock salt with solid calcium chloride, you reduce the road salt requirements by more than 50 percent. This is important in reducing salt areas where there are fears about the pollution of ground and surface water. Blending is also useful in cold weather and on important road segments such as bridges and sharp turns. This is because it greatly minimizes the period required to break the bond between the pavement and ice at low temperatures.

Food Additive

Calcium chloride provides several benefits to your health. For example, when used in sports drinks, it helps the body to maintain proper nerve and muscle functioning. Also, it helps in maintaining proper bone health.

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