Benefits of Using Water Softeners

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Water softeners remove minerals from a home or commercial building’s water supply. Soft water is better for people, appliances, pipework, utility costs, and even for the sewers outside. Water softeners are good to install, so let us look a little closer at some of the big benefits of having one.


Soft water helps everyone to feel cleaner, and their skin and hair to feel softer because the crystals and pellets we supply neutralize the basic calcium and magnesium in hard water. Children and adults alike, avoid the build-up of soap scum on their skin that even rinsing cannot fully remove. Skin pores do not get clogged as much so the bacteria that lives in the hard water-soap mixture is less prevalent. The result is not just smoother and cleaner-feeling skin but less acne eruptions, fewer rashes and other common skin troubles.


Appliances last longer and are cheaper to run. It doesn’t matter if it is a coffee maker or something more costly to replace like a dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater, the absence of lime build-up adds to their longevity. The appliances also perform better. Clothes look and feel better without the hard water residues left behind. When mineral deposits are heated in the water heater they build at an increased rate. Gas appliances need to be drained and flushed more often, but electric heaters will need replacing.


Limescale buildup in pipework can  lead to what is called “galvanic corrosion.” Leaking pipes are a nuisance, can be disastrous, and are expensive to replace. Even without leaks, the pipes can begin to clog with the lime deposits which, in turn, can result in simple inconvenience when it comes to filling bathtubs, and pools.

Utility Costs

It takes more fuel to heat the lime scale before the actual heating element can do its job on the water, so soft water reduces the monthly bills.


The buildup reduces the diameter of sewer pipes, so water pressure can decrease, and that can damage the sewer pipes.


Water softeners work. They improve everyone’s daily life, save money, and add longevity to appliances and pipes. Whether your system uses pellets or crystals you can get them in single bags or bulk deliveries. All you need to do is click here to contact us.

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