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As soon as the first snow begins to fall, it’s already too late. Every year home and business owners frantically ​rush to home improvement stores​ to buy enough rock and ice melt for their needs. Unfortunately, most people tend to share the same last-minute idea, so the store’s already limited supply runs out.

Putting your trust in a store’s ability to carry enough of the specific ice melt you need could end up costing you. Each year more than ​800,000 people​ are hospitalized due to fall injuries, equating to more than 34 billion in medical bills. As costly as these missteps are, they could be prevented if home and business owners act proactively and use the right deicing products for their conditions.

With so much on the line, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the problems associated with buying rock salts anywhere other than a bagging facility.

Where’s the Variety?

Don’t just grab the first bag of salt you see on the shelf! Make sure you’re using the right product for your winter needs. Larger stores tend to focus on just a few brands and generally
don’t offer the variety or bulk options you would get from a wholesaler.

They’re Not Experts

Hammers, chainsaws, sinks – home improvement stores carry everything you need to build a home, but what they excel in overall product diversity they fall short in expertise. Some deicers only ​work down to 15℉​ while others aren’t safe to use around vegetation and metals. Not knowing which product to use could lead to disastrous consequences. That’s why it’s always important to consult with an expert in the deicing field to ensure you’re using the right product for your specific needs.

Jacked Up Prices 

Stores generally buy their salt products from bagging facilities, then push on the costs to their customers. When you get your bulk needs from a wholesaler, you SAVE BIG. Because bagging facilities receive large shipments of salt directly from the mine, bag it, then distribute it, they can afford to offer cheaper rates compared to stores. Do yourself a favor, cut out the middleman and get your bulk deicing products straight from the bagger!

They’ll Run Out

As temperatures start to drop, home and business owners start to flock to stores to pick up their ice melt needs. Because so many people depend on the same stores, a lot of times they’ll ​run out.​ Don’t risk it, get your products straight from a dealer and avoid store outages.

No Delivery 

If you buy salt from a store, you have to pick it up, drive it back, and unload it yourself. When you buy from a distributor, they’ll ship it to you, but then you’re subject to their predetermined freight or mileage rates. When you buy directly from a bagging facility, like ​Salt Industries​, you can choose to pick up the product yourself or have it shipped to you at a cheaper rate calculated by your actual distance, not just a set mileage rate. Why overspend? Cut out the middleman and get your products straight from the bagging source.

Make sure you’re using the right product this season call the pros with 20+ years of experience for your bulk or bagged needs. ​Contact Salt Industries​ with any questions or for a quote today!

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