Calcium Chloride: Three Industries That Use It

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Calcium Chloride is one of the most used salts in our daily lives and is in our food and homes. However, as common as it is, we may not know much about the substance. So, let’s pose a question. What exactly is this substance and why do we use it?

Chemical Background

CaCl2 is a water-soluble compound made of calcium, a metal that is vital to our health and chlorine, a chemical element that is volatile and toxic in it’s pure form. These vastly different components bond together to form a stable compound that is crucial to multiple industries.

Here are some industries that use calcium chloride:

1. Food

If we scan the ingredients list on our canned vegetables and fruits, chances are that we will find calcium chloride there. In canned goods it is used as a firming agent and prevents the contents from breaking down or becoming too soft.

2. Construction

The construction industry uses calcium chloride for multiple things. When it comes to taking care of roads, this compound can be used for dust control on dirt roads. According to the Road Management and Engineering Journal, calcium chloride in a concentrated liquid form can keep down fine dust particles that compact and stabilize road surfaces and make maintenance much easier.

In addition to keeping down dust, calcium chloride can also be used for de-icing roads. The substance can lower the freezing point of water and therefore, can slow down ice formation. This is especially helpful during the winter time when we need to drive across town to our workplaces.

3. Pools

Calcium chloride is vital to the maintenance of pools. In the pool industry, this substance is used to harden water. This is essential to pool health because it lessens the chance of concrete erosion and pipe corrosion. If water doesn’t have enough hardness, the water will dissolve the concrete to increase hardness and thereby cause damage to not only the pool surface but also the pipes underneath.

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