Calcium Chloride: Don’t Slip This Winter!

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Why You Need Calcium Chloride

Winter conditions can be dangerous, especially after a storm when ice forms on walkways and parking lots. Even walking from your home to your car can be hazardous, and there’s nothing worse than slipping. These wintertime falls can cause serious injuries and be a potential liability to business owners. That’s why it’s imperative to have Calcium Chloride on hand during the winter months, whether you use it at home or commercially.

Calcium Chloride is the best tool for melting ice and keeping your sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and roads free of dangerous ice. The best news is that we sell Calcium Chloride for only $12.78 per bag. These single bags are perfect for keeping your garage to sprinkle on the sidewalks around your home and driveway. And, if you own a business you can order an entire pallet for only $639.00. These pallets contain 50, 50-pounds bags of these winter staple. Why should you buy Calcium Chloride from us? Because not only are our prices lower than our competitors, but we also offer the highest quality product. Our product has a melting power of -25 degrees Fahrenheit, which will keep your sidewalks ice-free!

With more than 30 years of experience, we only use the best quality products in our expert snow removal procedures, so why not buy the same products we use for your own ice-melting needs? Not only will you be purchasing the best products, but you will also be buying Calcium Chloride from a dependable, trustworthy company.

We know snow, so please contact us  with any questions you may have regarding the purchase and use of Calcium Chloride this winter!