Car Stuck In Snow? Here’s What to Do

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It’s happened to many of us: you stop at an intersection that hasn’t yet been cleared of snow, wait for traffic to clear, and press the gas pedal. Your tires spin and spin but you’re not going anywhere. Instead of digging your tires farther into the snow, try these handy tips on dealing with a car stuck in snow.

  • Keep Moving: If you’re still moving, don’t stop! Often, your vehicle will have enough momentum to get out of the snow or slush.
  • Don’t Spin Your Tires: If you’re not moving at all, release the gas. Sitting in one place and spinning your tires will only dig you deeper into the snow.
  • Keep Your Tires Straight: To reduce tire stress, make sure you have your tires pointed straight ahead. This will also increase your tires’ traction.
  • Create Traction: If you haven’t placed chains on your tires, try placing something under your tires to improve the traction. Rocks, sand, gravel, and even cat litter can all help your tires gain traction and get you moving again.
  • Go Easy On The Throttle: Sometimes, gentle or partial power is all that’s needed to get you out.
  • Shift To The Correct Gear: Using the lowest gear will also help if you have an automatic transmission. If you have a manual transmission, shifting to a higher gear will give you more advantage. This should help prevent your tires from spinning too much and digging you in deeper.
  • Rock Your Vehicle: Rocking your vehicle by alternating between drive and reverse may be all you need to do when you have a car stuck in snow. You may need to repeat this step several times to build enough momentum.
  • Watch Out For Traction Control: By turning off your traction control, you’ll increase the power going to your tires. If you leave the traction control on, you’ll only cut off that power when you need it the most.
  • Release Some Air: If the above steps fail, letting some air out of your tires will increase the surface area touching the ground. This may provide enough traction to get you out.
  • Dig Out: As a last resort, you can try manually digging out. Be sure to get the snow out from around your tires as well as from under your vehicle. It’s a good idea to carry a shovel as part of your winter driving kit!

Don’t end up with a car stuck in snow this winter. To learn more about driving in winter weather, contact the snow experts and get a leg up on the season.

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