Why You Should Choose a Salt Water Pool

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For many years, using a chlorine system in swimming pools was the only way to maintain the water, but the chemicals necessary can cause skin and eye irritation that makes a casual swim an uncomfortable affair. Not to mention the intense smell, especially if you swam in a public pool that utilized an abundance of the chemical to keep health concerns at bay. If you have your own chlorinated pool in your backyard, you understand the amount of time it can take to simply get a proper chemical balance in the pool, maintaining that balance, adding more chemicals, shocking the water, and more. Sometimes, this process can seem to take ages, only for you to end up with a green pool.

Luckily, there is the option of using salt to maintain your pool without the use of harsh chemicals. While the method still relies on chlorine to keep the pool clean, the manner in which the chemical is created is much different. In traditional pools, chlorine and other chemicals are added directly to the water. With a salt water pool, the chlorine is created from the salt itself through the pump system. Because salt is always present in the pool, a salt water pool is much easier to maintain as the system is constantly creating the sanitizer needed with the salt. The systems also help to avoid any buildup from the usual disinfection process. This buildup is what commonly causes discomforts from swimming in a traditional chlorine pool.

Salt water pools do not mimic ocean water, so you won’t have to worry about a heavy salt taste or damage from the salt to your equipment, as long as maintenance is performed correctly. The salt that is used in pools is also much more affordable than typical pool chemicals, saving you money in the long run. If you are in the market for pool salt, we carry salt that is perfect for commercial and residential pools. Also, if you live around the St. Louis, MO, area, we offer free local delivery, making your pool maintenance routine even easier.

If you are on the fence about which type of pool to install, look no further than a salt water pool. With the low maintenance required throughout the swimming season, you can rest assured knowing your pool is ready whenever you are for fun-in-the-sun! For your pool salt needs, contact us today!

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