Clorox Pool Salt; Convenient Salt Water Pool Disinfectant

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Many homeowners are quickly embracing saltwater pools as an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. The benefits such as lowered maintenance cost and elimination of smelly chloramines are some of the attractions of owning a saltwater pool. However, saltwater pools are not zero maintenance pools. They may be low maintenance pools, but you have to keep them clean. You can make the maintenance of your saltwater pool easy by choosing Clorox pool salt, a high-quality pool salt suitable for use in chlorinators.

How does Clorox pool Salt Work?

Clorox pool salt has sodium and chlorine as its components. The difference it has with the table is that its grains are often larger. When used in a pool, it compounds dissolve to their respective ions.

When Clorox table salts break down to sodium and chloride ions, the subsequent chemical reaction forms hypochlorite acid, which plays the role of chlorine. Hypochlorite acid is the chemical responsible for the elimination of chlorine smell since it has a much less odor compared to chlorine. This entire process occurs through electrolysis, ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of the pool.


Other than being a cheap pool maintenance option, this type of salt has the following advantages

  • Eliminates skin and eye irritation
  • Cost-effective
  • Has no unpleasant smell
  • Safety from hazardous chemicals

Why Choose Clorox Pool Salt?

Clorox pool salt is easily soluble thanks to its fine grains and has over 99% purity. It has no additives and has 100% chloride fines. The purity and quality make it a product you can trust to disinfect your pool and keep it hygienic.

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