The Best Time to Close Saltwater Pools for Winter

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For many, saltwater pools have proven to be a fantastic lifestyle choice. Compared to typical pools, they require much less time to be dedicated to maintenance, are far easier on swimmers’ eyes, and yield many more desirable results. However, winter time is something no outdoor pool is immune to. You’re going to want to close up shop until the frigid weather returns to more comfortable levels. But, when should you close saltwater pools for winter? According to Holly Jender at RiverPoolsandSpas, there are two primary factors to consider: tree cover and temperature. Let’s go through what each means.

Tree Cover

A pool area surrounded by a large number of trees means you must cover your saltwater pool before the leaves begin to fall. Once in your pool, the detached leaves will start to turn your pool’s pleasant blue color into a slimy, green color. And, if left untouched all winter, the leaves will wreak havoc on your pool.

Removing leaves from a pool is a guaranteed hassle. If you aren’t interested in hauling the leaves out yourself before things get too bad, quite a few hours of hard work maintaining your pool are a given.


The temperature of your water is a significant factor dependent on a lot of variables. Does your saltwater pool have a heater installed? If so, you are safe to wait a month more than you would without a heater; around October. The presence of a heater also means you can open your pool up a month earlier, too; around April.

Typically, public swimming pools close around Labor Day, at the beginning of September. The bulk will open at the end of May.

Ultimately, the time to close your pool depends on your location. If you’re in a warmer climate, you may not even do anything during winter time. But, for those of us unfortunate enough to be pool-less through those cold months, it’s important to close your pool before the temperature goes under 30°F at night.

For more information on when to close saltwater pools for the winter, their benefits, or how to get started, feel free to contact us.

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