Converting Your Chlorine Pool to Saltwater

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Do you own a traditional chlorine pool, but are ready to convert to a saltwater pool? You may have heard the benefits of a saltwater pool over the chlorine pool. Some including less eye, hair, and skin irritation, less maintenance, less testing of chemicals, and less chlorine smell. The good thing is that chlorine to salt conversion process is simpler than you think. Just follow the following four steps.

Choose a Chlorinator

The chlorinator is the main component of a saltwater pool system and consists of the salt cell and control board. The salt cell is where it converts salt in the water to chlorine (also known as electrolysis).  As a result, the control board controls how much chlorine is generated.

The two main factors in choosing a chlorinator are budget and size. Different systems come with different features and price points. The main thing to consider when shopping is to make sure the system can handle your pool’s volume. A safe bet is to get a system that is rated for a little larger volume than that of your pool. That way you can ensure your pool’s volume is covered and the system does not have to work too hard to do it.

Choose the Right Salt and Amount

Saltwater pools use plain table salt or iodized salt. You can buy your salt in bulk for cheaper prices from local hardware stores. The amount of salt will vary based on the pool. Be sure to buy enough salt based on your pool’s and chlorinator’s specifications.

Eliminate the Phosphates

Phosphates are what feed unsightly algae and can also act as a glue for contaminants that clog up the salt cells. Phosphates stem come from sunscreen, rainwater, decaying plants, cleaners, etc. You can test for phosphates using readily available and affordable test kits. If your pool tests too high per system specifications, a phosphate cleaning system can easily fix the problem.


An established and well-maintained saltwater system can last three to five years. You can use monthly maintenance kits that keep the process easy. Proper maintenance with the right products will ensure a long life for your saltwater pool system.

Your saltwater pool is ready to be enjoyed. If you need assistance in picking the right products and installing your system, be sure to contact us for more help.

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