Winter Emergency Car Kit for All Seasons

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Being prepared ahead of time for emergencies while traveling saves time and often money or a loved one from injury. One never knows when a roadway accident will happen. Winter weather in the form of slippery roads, snow and ice make difficult driving conditions. Thunderstorms and heavy snow falls cause traffic delays leaving people and pets stranded for hours on highways in many parts of the country.

Spring and summer months bring more people with vehicles out to enjoy the nicer weather on highways where anything can happen to interrupt the most well-planned happy day. Tornado areas come alive with storms that affect travelers in some areas and summer heat waves take a toil on cooling systems in cars, motorhomes and trucks. Overheated cars sit on the highways as a reminder to check the water in our own car asap. Sometimes our car just stops running, leaving us there to wonder what to do.

That is why it is really important to be ready in all-seasons with a winter emergency car kit that is stored in each vehicle. The same winter car kit converts to a summer emergency car kit with only a few item changes. For instance, in the winter keeping a heavy blanket or extra warm jacket is a good idea and in the summer a lighter jacket or blanket might be more suitable.

Here’s a few critical items that are found on several winter emergency car kits lists.

  1. Window ice scraper and windshield washer fluid, also good for cleaning bugs and dust off windshields in the summer months.
  2. Bagged salt, sand or cat litter to put on the road in front of your tires or car for tire traction in snow, ice and mud.
  3. Jumper cables, extra batteries and flashlights.
  4. First aid-kit.
  5. Blankets and hand warmers.
  6. Portable phone battery chargers.
  7. Snacks.
  8. Bottle water plus extra water for the car

Enjoy your travels!

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