A Few Facts About Saltwater Pools

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Having a salt water pool is a dream for a lot of people. Not just for people who don’t own a pool either. Many chlorine find themselves dreaming about it as well. In fact, only 12 percent of swimming pools are saltwater pools. There are many things to be desired about the saltwater setup. The most talked about, and perhaps best feature, is how delicate it is on your skin and hair. People report feeling soft and smooth after swimming. You also don’t have to deal with the chlorine smell of a traditional pool. Because this type of setup is not as common as the chlorine route, not as many people know what they are all about. Here are a few facts about saltwater pools:

Saltwater Pools Have Chlorine

Saltwater pools have often been referred to as a “chlorine free” option. However, this is a misconception. These pools actually use salt to generate chlorine. You don’t have to put chlorine itself into the pool at any time, though. This method is less harsh to swim in. Be sure to only use pool grade salt! Table or rock salt will not do in a pinch. Don’t even think about trying it.

It’s Less Salty Than You Think

Swimming in a saltwater pool isn’t like swimming in the ocean. The salinity of the water that we swim in at the beach is 35,000 ppm (parts per million) whereas a pool is between 3,000 and 4,000 ppm. That’s only about a tenth. It is even less salty than our tears are. Most people do not even notice a salty taste to the water while swimming.

Time and Money Will Be Saved

While the upfront installation cost is typically more than that of a chlorine pool, the maintenance ends up saving money because you don’t have to constantly buy chlorine. You will still need to check the chemical levels in the pool regularly. Alkalinity, pH and calcium all need to be monitored. The chlorine generator should be check for build-up quarterly. This method really does require much less maintenance, making it a win for any family.

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