Four Benefits of Saltwater Pools

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All swimming pools require sanitization to keep clean. Salt chlorination has become more and more popular among pool owners. Unlike a traditional chlorination system, a saltwater pool system creates chlorine using a process called electrolysis. There’s no need to add chlorine to the water continually.

When most people think of saltwater, they think of the ocean. However, the salt level in a swimming pool is much lower than the salt level in seawater. Saltwater pools offer several benefits compared to traditional chlorination. Here are several reasons to use salt instead of pool chemicals to chlorinate your swimming pool.

Four Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Safer Than Chlorine Chemicals

A traditional chlorinated pool requires its owners to handle harsh and potentially unsafe chemicals. Chlorine is harmful to inhale and can irritate your skin. A saltwater pool reduces the need to store and handle pool chemicals. Saltwater pools require fewer chemicals to stay bright and clean.

Softer Water

Because a saltwater pool does not rely on harsh chemicals, it produces softer water than a traditional chlorine pool. While chlorinated water can often feel abrasive, with salt chlorination, your pool water will feel silky, smooth, and pleasant to the touch. There’s also no unpleasant chemical odor.

Gentle on Skin and Eyes

With a salt chlorination system, the levels of chlorine in the pool are generally lower than with traditional chlorination. The water is much less likely to irritate the skin and eyes.

Easier to Maintain

A saltwater pool requires far less maintenance than a traditional chlorination system. Since chlorine is produced automatically, you don’t need to keep adding chlorine to your pool. Simply add salt to the generator, and it will keep the water chlorinated for you. Salt Industries offers pool salt delivery to many locations across the Midwest. For more information about our quality pool salt products, contact us today.

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