Health Risks Associated With Rock Salt

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Rock salt is an excellent tool to use when preparing for icy or snowy climates. It helps keep sidewalks and driveways clear to avoid any sliding or potential falls. If you use rock salt at your business or home, it’s important to know the health risks associated with salt.


When throwing down rock salt it’s vital to wear proper protection. This salt can stick to your skin and cause irritations or even burns. Make sure to wear sturdy gloves and apparel when handling rock salt. When it gets wet it can increase the risk of burns and irritation.


Rock salt thrown on the roads should not be consumed because it can become very harmful. There are other ways to digest rock salt without knowing it. The dust given off by salt rock can irritate your mouth, throat, stomach, and even intestines if accidentally inhaled. Keep rock salt away from children and out of reach. When working with rock salt make sure to wear a mask to limit the risk of accidental inhalation. Adults and children who have consumed rock salt should seek immediate medical attention.


Just like us, it’s not safe for our pets to digest rock as well. It’s possible for an animal to suffer kidney damage or even death if they consume too much rock salt. So if you have pets at home, specifically dogs, make sure they are inside when putting this stuff out. If you know your driveway has salt on it, keep an eye on your dog when they go outside to ensure they are not eating the rock salt.

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