History of the water softener

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Have you ever considered the history of the water softener? We know that water softening, a process which removes most of the added minerals from water, can create a gentler experience for your body and your clothes and has numerous other benefits, but we haven’t always known that. So, how and when did we discover that? To understand the history of the water softener, we first must go back to ancient civilizations.

Water treatment in Ancient Civilizations

In ancient times, there were few scientific ways to measure the purity of water. Instead, ancient civilizations relied on their senses to determine whether or not water was good. They would see if it was clear, if it was odorless, and if it tasted good. If all three checked out, it was considered pure water.

Aqueducts were the main form of water treatment during ancient times. This series of channels and pipes would bring water from the freshest sources around into civilization so that everyone could have access. Unfortunately, when ancient civilizations like Rome fell, aqueducts fell as well, and it was many years before we made new advancements in water treatment.

Salt water purification

In the 1600s, Sir Francis Bacon began experimenting with salt water purification. He did this by trying to use sand to filter salt out of salt water. Though his experiments were not successful, they kickstarted interest in water filtration systems.

Early water softeners

The early 1900s saw the greatest advancements in natural purification and softening systems. Bacteria in the water was causing a health crisis, and clean water was a top priority.

Unfortunately, even though it was a priority, it was hard to get. Back then, water softeners were huge and cumbersome to use. They were so expensive that many families couldn’t afford them at all, and the families who could afford them would still have to regularly disassemble them to clean them out, leaving them without soft water for hours at a time.

Present Day

Today, water softeners are more affordable and easier to use than ever before. As a result of these innovations, there’s no reason for any family to suffer from hard water in their home. If you’re one of the many families benefiting from a water softener in your home and need more water softening salt,¬†contact us.

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