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Swimming is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. As a result, there is an increase in the rising popularity of saltwater pools. As an alternative to pools treated with chlorine and traditional chemicals, saltwater pools have been growing in popularity. However, an individual needs to determine the amount of salt needed by the pools as it is a natural, ecologically sound method for keeping pools clean. So how much salt does my pool need? It depends on many factors. A salt overdose rarely leads to major issues, but learning to add the proper amount will save you from potential headaches as given below.

  • Determine salt level.

You are advised to test your pool water for its current salt level. This can be done easily with specialized salt test strips and a saltwater liquid test kit. After determining the amount of salt in the water, the ideal level for salt in a saltwater pool is between 2700 ppm and 3400 ppm. If lower than the ideal level, you can add it to contact us reach the maximum.

  • The pool water volume.

Figuring out the amount of water in your pool will help to determine the required amount of salt. If you built your pool from scratch, then you probably know this number by heart. Most backyard pools fall between 10000 and 20000 gallons, but if you do not know, you can calculate as shown below.

  • Rectangular pools: Length by Width by Average Depth by 7.5
  • Circular Pools: Diameter by Diameter by Average Depth by 5.9
  • Oval Pools: Length by Width by Average Depth by 6.7
  • Water balancing.

If salt chlorination is being added to your pool, it is important to balance your water before switching to salt to help maintain good standards of the pool. The salt in your pool is constantly recycled and the loss of salt during swimming should be minimal and water loss is due to splash out, backwashing and overflowing because of rain.

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