The Importance of Using Rock Salt in Cold Weather

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Winter weather brings multiple hazards to everyday living.  Whether it’s the commute to work, shopping for groceries, or simply going out to the mailbox, cold weather often impacts everyday activities.  Moisture plus cold temperatures result in icy conditions on roadways, parking lots, and even sidewalks. Using rock salt significantly reduces accidents and injuries caused by slips, falls, and automobile accidents.

Consider these statistics from Nationwide Rock Salt Facts:

  • Salt reduces vehicle accidents by 88%
  • This in turn, reduces injuries by 85%
  • Each year in the United States 116,000 people are injured because of icy conditions
  • Road salt lowers the temperature required to freeze roadways down to 2 degrees

A study conducted by The American Highway Users Alliance concluded that:

  • A 10% increase in road surface friction reduces crashes by 20%
  • Four lane road analysis reveals a 93% reduction in accidents after deicing

Treating paved areas with rock salt saves millions of dollars from vehicle and property damage caused by ice related accidents. It also reduces income loss from missed work recovering from related injuries. As a business owner, keeping paved areas clear with rock salt, reduces potential liability from slips and falls by customers.

Rock salt is available by the bag for small quantities and in bulk by the truckload. There are different formulations and products for many different applications. There are even pet friendly options available.

Using rock salt is a fast, economical way to increase safety and reduce monetary losses and injuries associated with winter weather. Don’t let cold weather make you a statistic! For all your rock salt needs contact us today.

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