Maintaining Your Saltwater Pool

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So you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a saltwater pool system. As spring brings warmer weather, it’s time to make sure your saltwater pool is ready for days of relaxing and swimming without having to worry about your saline or chlorine levels.

The Advantages of a Saltwater Pool

For some, a saltwater pool has clear advantages over a chlorinated pool system. While through the electrolysis process, chlorine is created from the salt added to your pool, you will not be handling chlorine and adding it directly to the water. Because the chlorine products manufactured for inground pools can be hazardous as well as irritating to the eyes and skin, a saltwater pool is a clear advantage. Also, following the initial investment of a saltwater pool system, less money is spent over time on the salt versus the varied chemicals needed to keep your pools sanitized and ready for swimming.

The Importance of High-Quality Pool Salt

To keep your pool levels balanced and your water properly chlorinated, you’ll want to use a salt that’s high in purity and free of mineral contaminates or other impurities that will slow its dilution. Salt Industries’ pool salt is all natural, high purity, and deliverable all over the St. Louis Metro area. Using a high-quality pool salt like Salt Industries’ will keep your pool’s chlorine generator running more smoothly and your pool with softer water that won’t sting the kid’s eyes while they swim all summer long. Salt Industries sells pool salt by the bag and in bulk for residential and commercial use.

Well maintained saline levels mean good chlorine levels and a clean saltwater pool that will keep the family or your customers happy throughout the entire season.

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