Midwest Rock Salt Delivered When You Need It

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Salt Industries offers rock salt delivered to your Midwest business, public utility, or other location when you need it. Salt is available in bags or in truckloads for vehicles that spread the salt on roads.

Weather in the Midwest can be extreme with icy roads and walkways. Rock salt designed to de-ice surfaces is the best way to assure safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Products include both rock salt and pellets.

Highway and Walkway Deicing

Hy-Way Halite De-icing rock salt is 95% sodium chloride (NaCl) and ideal for keeping roads and driveways clear after a winter storm. The rock salt is available in 50-pound bags or in bulk. The sodium chloride rock salt works well in temperatures that are 15 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Premium Halite de-icing rock salt is offered with 97.5% NaCl also in 50-pound/22.6kg bags. The products work well on streets and walkways.

Commercial Ice Melt is good for entrances and walkways. Two to four ounces will cover about a square yard. You can also use C-Fine, a very fine low dust rock salt mixture for walkways and entrances.


Salt Industries also offers pellets of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride that work faster than rock salt. The calcium chloride works for temperature as low a -25 degrees F in about 15 minutes to melt heavy snow on roads. It needs to be reapplied more frequently.

Magnesium chloride is less corrosive than rock salt and it works at temperatures as low as -15 degrees F. It takes about 20 minutes for magnesium products to melt ice and it is not harmful to pets or vegetation.

Most products should not be used around pets, plants or on grass. Sodium Chloride and the other chemicals mix with any warmth from the ground to form a brine that melts ice. The slush should be removed as soon a possible. Keep the salty substance away from metal since it can corrode. Wash the underside of your vehicles as soon as you can to limit the corrosive properties of salt, other chemicals, and ice.

Contact Salt Industries at 1-866-765-7258 (1-866-ROK-SALT) for more information on our products and getting rock salt delivered straight to you.

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