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Snow plows and salt spreaders in the Midwest

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At Salt Industries, we provide top-of-the-line solutions to enhance productivity in landscaping, contracting, and snow removal operations. Our lineup features premium products designed to streamline hauling, snow plowing, and salt spreading tasks. DumperDogg® Inserts revolutionize the hauling experience, offering a cost-effective alternative to dedicated dump trucks. With a maximum payload capacity of 6000 lbs. and easy installation on popular pickup truck models like Ford® F-250 and Chevy® Silverado 2500, DumperDoggs simplify hauling tasks with their powerful 3 HP Monarch™ motor and double-acting hydraulic scissor hoist.

Meanwhile, SnowDoggs deliver heavy-duty snowplow solutions for pickups, ensuring efficient snow removal with robust frames and stainless steel blades, catering to trucks ranging from half-ton to larger models like Ford F-350 and RAM 3500.

SaltDogg salt spreaders are built to last, with durable materials like stainless steel and polyethylene, offering intuitive controls and features like vibrator kits for consistent material distribution across various vehicles, from Ford® F-150 to RAM® 5500.

Installation Available!

We not only provide top-of-the-line snow plows and equipment but also offer professional installation services to ensure optimal performance. Our team of experienced technicians specializes in installing snow plows and similar equipment on various vehicles, from half-ton pickups to heavy-duty trucks. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust Salt Industries to handle the installation of your snow plow equipment efficiently and effectively.

salt spreaders

Salt Spreaders

SaltDogg offers a diverse selection of salt spreaders suitable for various equipment, including UTVs, ATVs, and light to medium-duty trucks, featuring simple installation and multiple configurations such as tailgate, in-bed, or under-tailgate options. Customers can choose between stainless steel or polyethylene hopper materials and select from chain or auger setups. Additionally, SaltDogg provides gasoline or electric drive options, alongside pre-wet systems for lower temperature applications and Anti-Ice systems with “FreezGard” filling for larger systems, ensuring efficient salt spreading in challenging weather conditions. Their reputation for top-quality spreaders is reflected in their durable construction, offering longevity and reliability even in harsh environments, with features like stainless steel gearboxes for walk-behind spreaders and intuitive in-cab controls for ease of operation across a wide range of vehicles and spreading needs.

snow plows

Snow Plows

SnowDoggs offer a versatile range of snow plows designed for pickup trucks like the Ford® F-150 and F-250, Chevy® Silverado 1500 and 2500, and RAM® 1500 and 2500. Featuring heavy-duty frames and standard 304 stainless steel blades, SnowDoggs ensure durability and effectiveness for clearing snow from sidewalks, driveways, and large campuses. Available in V-Blade and Straight Blade configurations, SnowDoggs cater to various contractor needs, with models like the VXFII and VMDII offering versatility for navigating dense snow and tight spaces. Designed for different pickup sizes, SnowDoggs provide efficient snow plowing with features like powerful double-acting angle cylinders and the RapidLink™ Attachment System for quick setup and removal, making them ideal for residential users and contractors alike. For larger trucks, models such as HDII, EXII, TEII, XP, and CM ensure effective snow removal with features like the Floating A-frame™ and municipal-style chain lift, maintaining maximum fleet compatibility from small parking lots to massive campuses.

Dump Bed Inserts

DumperDogg® Inserts provide landscapers and contractors with a cost-effective alternative to dedicated dump trucks, offering power, versatility, and convenience. With a 6000 lb maximum payload capacity, these inserts efficiently haul mulch, gravel, and bulk materials, reducing manual labor. Compatible with popular pickup truck models like Ford® F-250, RAM® 2500, and Chevy® Silverado 2500, installation is quick and straightforward, typically taking around two hours. Powered by a 3 HP Monarch™ motor, the double-acting hydraulic scissor hoist ensures reliable performance, lifting the DumperDogg to a 45° angle for optimal dumping action. Additionally, DumperDoggs offer year-round versatility with optional upgrades like tarp kits, cab guards, and side wall extensions. They can be transformed into full-featured salt spreaders for winter use with SaltDogg® Replacement Tailgate Spreaders, enhancing functionality and productivity for landscaping and contracting operations.

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