Pool Salt Cost – Average Estimates & Related Factors

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Pool salt is essential for your pool’s overall maintenance. It helps maintain ideal chlorine levels, consequently helping keep the water clean. It also helps keep the chlorine generator working effectively, therefore reducing your overall maintenance costs. You will be buying a lot of it as long as you have a pool, so it helps to know how much you will be paying.

Pool Salt Cost Estimates 

Pool salt is inexpensive. It costs about $5 per 40-pound bag, and the average pool requires between 400 and 1,000 pounds of salt, depending on factors such as size and usage.

Consequently, a plain saltwater pool uses an average of $100 per year on pool salt – it uses less if it is not constantly maintained during the unfavorable seasons. However, a chlorine pool uses more salt, averaging between $300 and $800 per year, depending on factors such as maintenance, pool size, and temperature.

It is also worth noting that pool salt also determines your pool’s overall maintenance needs. Poor-quality salt contains contaminants that may compromise the pool’s cleanliness. Consequently, it is important to get good-quality pool salt – besides, the pool salt cost difference is negligible.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pool Salt 

Pool salt comes in varying types and qualities. Some of the most important factors to consider when buying include:

  • Type 

There are three types of pool salt: solar salt, mechanically evaporated salt, and mined salt. The type of salt determines its overall quality and other factors such as granulation and coloring.

  • Purity 

Contaminants and additives in pool salt may compromise the water’s cleanliness and cause staining and scaling. Consequently, it is advisable to ensure that your pool salt is at least 99% pure – 100% purity is rare and would be expensive, and the 1% difference is negligible.

  • Granulation & Coloring 

Fine salt crystals are easier to dissolve and don’t collect at the bottom of the pool. As such, it is advisable to look for food-grade pool salt with fine and evenly-sized granules.

Final Thoughts 

Pool salt is essential. It is also affordable, and there is no reason not to use enough of it in your pool. Remember to get the best quality pool salt available.

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