clean and protect water softener morton

Clean & Protect Water Softener Pellets

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Clean & Protect Water Softener Pellets have a cleaning agent (citric acid) produced all the way through the pellet. This will help your appliances, pipes, and anything else that water touches last longer. The competition sprays on a cleaning agent so that after the first couple of regenerations, the cleaning agent is completely gone and all you have left is the salt pellet. Morton pellets will have the cleaning agent working in it for every regeneration.

Shipping Policy

Delivery available in load quantities (18 Pallets) of any combination of pallets, at an additional charge.
All pricing is F.O.B from our East St. Louis Location 2100 Martin Luther King Blvd. East St. Louis IL 62205
Call for truck load delivery pricing to your location. (Must have loading dock or fork lift