Prepare Your Home For Winter Storms

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Punxsutawney Phil was not kidding when he predicted six more weeks of winter this year on February 2nd. Since then, people across the nation have been experiencing severe winter storms and are trying to stay one step ahead. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can prepare your home for winter storms.

Cover Draft Spots

Two culprits of letting in cold air during the winter include windows and doors. Unfortunately, as homes age, so do their appliances and features. If you feel a strong draft in an area of your home, check to see if it’s coming from a nearby door or window. Gaps or cracks in these places can be the reason you’re cold. Reach for a blanket or towel to cover up any entrances where you feel cold air. This will help return that room to its intended temperature and stop cold air from entering your home.

Keep Water Moving

The last thing you want in a winter storm is for a pipe to freeze or burst. This can lead to serious water damage and an expensive repair bill. A simple way to keep your pipes from freezing is by opening any cabinet doors your pipes are in. This helps to keep the temperature underneath your sink close to room temp and avoid any potential freezing. It is also recommended to run a small and steady water flow through your pipes to keep water moving. The more the water is moving, the less likely your pipes will freeze. It does not mean turn your sink on full blast; it can be as simple as a steady drip. Do this during the coldest parts of the day to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Outside Your Home

A great way to prepare the outside of your home for a winter storm is by distributing rock salt on any area you might walk on. This includes driveways, front porches, and sidewalks. Rock salt helps prevent ice and snow from sticking to the roads, which can keep you safe. No one wants to fall when walking to the mailbox or have difficulty pulling out of their driveway when they have somewhere to go. Rock salt is there to help melt any ice or snow in high-traffic areas. If you know a winter storm is rolling in, throw some rock salt on your driveway to keep it accessible.

If you’d like to learn more about how to prepare for winter storms, contact Salt Industries. At Salt Industries, we carry various products to meet your rock salt, pool salt, and water softener needs. Our owner Jack has decades of snow removal experience, which has helped him perfect the best products to meet his customers’ needs. We can help you prepare for what Mother Nature has in store before it gets here!

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