Do I Really Need to Invest in Rock Salt?

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Winter is coming, and bringing with it low temperatures, snow, and ice. These types of conditions can make everything from driving to simply walking outside more dangerous.

You may be thinking, however, to just brave the conditions and not spend money on rock salt. This is a bad idea, and will likely end up more expensive than simply purchasing salt. Imagine: someone is walking on the property of your business, and slips on the ice. Maybe they just get a bruise; maybe they sprain their wrist and decide to file a suit.

The Center for Disease Control estimates approximately one million Americans are injured from slipping and falling each year, and slippery winter conditions will only exacerbate that likelihood. If an injury could have been reasonably avoided by action of the property owner, someone who slips could file a suit and expect to win.

So what can a business owner due to prevent these kinds of losses?

The answer is simple. Investing in rock salt for your property can prevent these suits threefold. First, rock salt increases traction where it is placed. Shoes can grip the chunks of salt on the ground, making it more difficult to slide on the ice and fall.

Second, rock salt actually lowers the freezing point of water. Some of the salt actually dissolves into the top layer of water, forming a solution with a freezing point of just around zero degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to the regular 32 degrees.

Third, even if an injury from a slip does happen, the rock salt serves to show that the business owner was not negligent. With rock salt on the ground, a potential plaintiff cannot claim that the conditions could have been prevented. The claim will have a lot harder time holding up in court.

Are you a business in the Midwest looking for rock salt this winter? If so, contact us at Salt Industries. We have 30+ years of experience, and we deliver in bulk in the Midwest. We are eager to serve your rock salt needs.

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