Why Rock Salt Is Important

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Rock Salt and winter go together like peanut butter and jelly; you often don’t think about one without the other. For those who drive or even walk during the worst weather in the winter months, you know the importance of salt on the roads and sidewalks and how it helps you to get where you are going safely. Rock salt is the superstar of the winter months and there are facts that back that up. According to studies done by Nationwide use of rock salt:

  • Reduces roadway accidents by 88%.  Salt on the roads lowers the freezing point on the road by 2 degrees thus keeping ice from forming and making roads safer.
  • Reduces personal injuries by 85%.  Over 116,000 people are hurt in the United States every year due to icy and snowy roadway conditions. Again keeping roadways ice-free and lowering auto accidents helps in reducing the number of people getting hurt due to wintery conditions.
  • Saves money. Reduction in accidents and injuries due to use of rock salt has a cost-effectiveness of roughly 700 million dollars each year. This is money that would have gone towards medical costs and car repairs.

In short, rock salt helps saves lives, prevent injuries, and saves money. We at Salt Industries know the importance of salt. We have been in the business of selling quality salt products for over 30 years. We understand all the weather conditions that winter can throw at us and all the challenges that winter can bring from slush, heavy snows, and ice. We have the products that stand up to winter’s blast. We pride ourselves in offering premium customer service, products by the bag or bulk, and a timely delivery of our products.

Contact the snow experts before the harsh weather begins and get a head start on Old Man Winter.

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