Rock Salt Reduces Traffic Accidents and Injuries

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Winter is quickly approaching, and for many parts of the US, that means snow.  Snow and ice can create hazardous driving conditions. Rock salt causes snow and ice to melt and improves driving conditions, which reduces traffic accidents.

How Does Rock Salt Melt Ice?

Rock salt reduces the freezing point of water. In other words, lower freezing points mean it has to be colder for ice to stay frozen. The lower freezing point causes ice to melt sooner and prevents new ice from forming as quickly; this creates safer roads and walkways. Salt disrupts the bonding process of water molecules, making it more difficult to freeze. Different salt types cause varying amounts of disruption in the freezing process, which means that some types of rock salt create much lower freezing points than others.

Is Rock Salt Truly Effective at Reducing Accidents?

Rock salt improves icy road conditions and drastically reduces the likelihood of traffic collisions. The University of Waterloo conducted a study on the effects of salt for deicing purposes. The study results show that salting the roads reduces the rate of winter-weather related traffic collisions by 51% When the streets are plowed and salted, the rate of collision reduction jumps to 65%. The American Highway Users Alliance states that icy roads and walkways cause 1,300 deaths and 117,000 injuries annually. The American Highway Users Alliance strongly urges the use of rock salt to reduce icy conditions and to maintain safe roadways during harsh winter conditions. Cities, states, and communities should prepare for winter road hazards ahead of time to ensure safer travel conditions.

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