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A salt is what happens when an acid reacts to a base and the hydrogen in the acid are replaced by the ions of the base.  The most common salt besides rock salts that everyone uses around the world, and is an integral part of our diet, body chemistry, and even the oceans themselves is sodium chloride. It has been known to be so important, that even the Romans issued it as currency.  That is why the root word for “salary” comes from “salt” or salis.

Although table salt is one of the most common salts, there are other salts as well, which serve many purposes to us outside the body. Rock salt comes in all sorts of forms, and is more descriptive of how it appears and is used physically than it is known as chemically.  Salt industries carries various types of salt in bulk for all sorts of purposes.  Due to the reactivity of certain salts, they can be used as a food preservative, a disinfectant, or even a way to chemically stabilize the acidity of things like your swimming pool or hot tub.  This prevents bacterial growth as well as limiting the caustic nature of other water treatment chemicals. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are just two types of rock salt.

Rock salts are also useful for lowering the melt point of ice.  This allows ice to melt into water at lower temperatures, meaning that a little bit of rock salt deposited on roads and driveways not only creates more traction due to the crystalline structure, but also means that the road will melt off at temperatures well below the normal freezing point of water.  This allows roads to be cleared of ice and give better traction between rubber tires or shoe soles and pavement.

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