Safety Concerns in Using Rock Salt

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Most households in America use rock salt to remove ice from concrete surfaces during the cold season. It can pose different safety concerns to your property, pets, and health. When used in large quantities, the risk becomes greater.

The following are common safety concerns in using rock salt.


When rock salt comes into contact with your skin, it causes burns. Also, it causes respiratory tract irritation when inhaled. Exposure for extended periods may be fatal since it corrodes parts of your respiratory tract.

Irritation to Pet Paws

When your pets walk on surfaces with rock salt, the salt’s crystals might get attached to your pets’ paw pads, thereby irritating. This might lead to soreness and inflammation.

Rock salt might get into contact with your pet’s fur and cause burns, but it mostly affects the paws.


Pets tend to lick their paws even after stepping on rock salt. In doing so, they directly take in the compound. The ingestion of the chemicals that make up rock salt leads to seizures, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Also, your pets may have burns along their intestinal tract leading to adverse health complications.

Damages to Home Surfaces

Products used in melting ice leaves behind residues that may build up, leading to extensive and permanent damages on your floors and pavements. Therefore, you need to consider this when laying down salt on different surfaces in your home.

Rock salt may char plants if applied to surfaces on your yard close to plants. When applied in large quantities, rock salt may infiltrate into groundwater supplies, thereby causing harm to you and the surrounding aquatic life.

To enjoy the benefits of rock salt, you need to take appropriate measures to mitigate safety concerns. You must use the right type of rock salt in the recommended amounts.

Contact us for extensive information on ensuring your safety and that of your plants and pets while using rock salt.

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