How to Keep Your Salt Water Pool in Good Condition

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Salt water swimming pools require less maintenance than freshwater pools but they still require frequent checks. Salt Industries provides the salt necessary to keep your salt water pool clean with the salt chlorine generator working efficiently.

Salt water pools and spas feel better on the skin and they do not need as many harsh chemicals. A salt water pool and spa will stay in good condition with these maintenance tips.

  1. Skim and brush your pool daily and vacuum the pool as needed to remove dirt and grime. This is necessary to keep all pools and spas clean.
  2. Check the free chlorine and pH levels in your pool and spa every week when it is in use. Use test strips or a drop test kit as recommended by the manufacturer. The free chlorine level should be 1:3 ppm (parts per million). The pH balance between acid and calcium should be 7.2 to 7.6. A higher pH reading indicates an excess of calcium while a lower level is too acidic.
  3. Check the stabilizer or cyanuric acid level weekly. This should be 70-80 ppm to prevent evaporation of chlorine by sunlight. An indoor salt water pool can have a lower stabilizer level of 5-30 ppm. You can add cyanuric acid as needed.
  4. Check your salt cell every two or three months when your pool is used on a daily basis. The salt cell can be removed and carefully cleaned with fresh water if it is clogged with debris or calcium deposits. The electrolytic cell works most efficiently when your salt level is 2700 to 4500 ppm. This is based on the size of the pool and water volume. You can add salt to your pool if needed based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Salt is sodium chloride and the generator will convert the salt into the necessary chlorine level to keep your pool clean and free of bacteria.
  5. Measure your alkalinity levels every month even though you may check the pH balance once a week or more. Alkalinity should be at 80-120 ppm to prevent the build-up of calcium deposits on the surface of the pool and metal fixtures. Calcium hardness should be no more than 200-400 ppm.

Enjoy your salt water pool and spa knowing that it is well maintained. Contact us at Salt Industries for pool salt pick up and deliveries throughout the Midwest.

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