Saltwater Pool VS Traditional Chlorine Pool

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Swimming offers fantastic benefits to the body and the mind. It stimulates the muscles and offers a serene way to get some exercise. A unique advantage of swimming is that it uses the entire body to resist the current of water. This type of activity stimulates the heart rate and strengthens the muscles without the usual impact stress that comes along with other forms of organized movement. Sometimes, the decision to go for a swim isn’t as simple as it first seems. Because, if you’re swimming in a traditional chlorinated pool, it comes along with a few side effects.

Why A Traditional Chlorinated Pool Is Inferior

Traditional chlorinated pool units must be treated continuously with the chemical in the form of tablets or sticks. This means a schedule must be maintained for it to swim ready any given Sunday.

In today’s society and culture, most of us have busy schedules already. So, the last thing we need is piling on another chore for the week.

Traditional chlorinated pools can cause stress to the body. This is due to the buildup of chloramines, which is the culprit behind most side effects that accompany swimming in traditional chlorinated pools.

Chloramine is formed from the byproducts of traditional chlorine tablets or sticks. These byproducts create a buildup that can lead to irritated eyes and skin, lung irritation, and asthma-like symptoms. Also, it leaves your skin feeling dry and dusty. No one wants to surround themselves with the smell of bleach during a relaxing swim.

Saltwater Pools

Lots of different places, these days, boast happily about their sparkling saltwater pools. But what exactly does that mean, and how does that benefit you?

Firstly, a saltwater pool self produce chlorine at a steady rate. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance to test and treat the pool. Salt sanitizes the pool through what is known as the electrolysis process. Two slightly charged titanium plates allow the salt to pass through. The salt breaks down and reforms in the water to form something called hypochlorous acid, which is the same thing responsible for disinfecting in traditional chlorinated pools.

Saltwater pools regularly replenish themselves. So, you don’t have to worry about chloramine buildup. This means fewer side effects.

But, swimming in salt water pools doesn’t just provide a haven from dry skin and other problems. It also offers benefits to the skin like sterilization, which means fewer breakouts. Because salt is antimicrobial, it blocks germs.

We’ve all been young, and naive at some point in our lives. But, when you know better, you do better. Now that you understand why a saltwater pool is better than a traditional chlorinated unit. Contact us¬†for more information and to get started on your new oasis today.

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