Saltwater Pools: The Better Option for Your Skin

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When you think of pools, you may still imagine the smell of chlorine (and the need to wash it out of your hair as soon as you get out). Chlorine pools, however, can leave skin cracked and dry. Chlorine is intended to keep unhealthy bacteria out of the pool, but it is also incredibly drying for the skin. The solution? Saltwater pools.

Saltwater pools are considerably better for your skin than traditional chlorine pools. Consider:

Saltwater Pools Leave Skin Feeling Softer and Smoother

After swimming in the ocean, you may come out with skin that feels soft and smooth. It’s not the relaxed atmosphere of the beach that does it. It’s the salt water! When you choose a salt water pool, you get all of those benefits without having to take a trip to the beach to get them. Instead of feeling like you need a shower the moment you hop out of the water, your skin will likely feel refreshed–which makes for a much better day than chlorine.

Saltwater Soothes a Number of Common Skin Problems

From eczema to psoriasis, salt water can have a soothing impact on common skin conditions. Often, people who suffer from these ailments find that swimming in a salt water pool helps reduce their symptoms and gives them clearer skin, with fewer rashes and bumps.

Saltwater Helps Skin Retain Moisture

Chlorine might dry your skin out, but salt water does exactly the opposite. When you swim in salt water, it actually helps your skin retain moisture. Forget expensive lotions and creams; instead, try swimming in salt water this summer.

Why spend your summers swimming in a pool that dries out your skin and leaves you feeling like you’ve been bathing in chemicals? Instead, try out the benefits of a salt water pool. If you need a salt water pool to help make your summer even better, including reducing stress and helping you get a great workout, contact us today to learn more.

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