Saltwater Pools: Helpful Maintenance Tips

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Saltwater pools are much easier to maintain than the typical chlorine-based pool. They are also healthier and more comfortable for the swimmer. But despite being easier to manage, there are still some steps needed to keep a saltwater pool in its optimum condition. Here are some simple tips that may be helpful.

Regularly Measure the Salt Level

Saltwater pools work best if the salt is kept within the specified range. Routinely checking the salt level and keeping it maintained is one way to make sure that your pool will remain relatively trouble free for years.

Maintain the Proper pH

Keeping the proper pH in your saltwater pool will make it a healthy one. We recommend checking the pH levels once or twice a week and add muriatic acid as needed to keep it between 7.4 and 7.8.

Keep the Salt Cell Clean

The salt chlorinator, also known as the salt cell, creates chlorine from the pool water itself. The salt cell is continuously working to protect your pool. We have found that if the salt cell becomes clogged with mineral deposits, it stops work efficiently or in some cases completely shut down.

Since the salt cell creates the chlorine that inhibits organism growth in your pool, keeping your salt cell clean is very important to its well being.

Run the Filter

The salt cell only works when the filter is running. This means that a saltwater pool that doesn’t have the filter on is not producing the chlorine needed to inhibit the growth of algae and other organisms. The filter will have to work harder to clean the pool when it is active.

By allowing the growth of algae, the salt cell is quicker to become clogged, creating more growth. The simplest solution is to use the filter on a regular basis, which keeps everything in proper balance.

Clean the Pool

Salt can deposit on the bottom of a pool, creating yellow or brown stains. Not only does this look bad, but the buildup can create other problems in the pool’s ecosystem. Regular sweepings can eliminate this problem before trouble starts.

Use Quality Pool Salt

Of all the things you can do to properly maintain a saltwater pool, one of the most important is to use quality pool salt.  A poor pool salt will leave you with many sediments and minerals in the water, which can clog salt cells and require more cleaning.

Saltwater pools are the most trouble-free and comfortable pool types on the market today. With a little effort and the right supplies, they will provide enjoyment for many years to come. Contact us for quality pool salt that will maintain and preserve your saltwater pool.

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