The Science Behind Our Premium Rock Salt

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Here in the Midwest, we are no strangers to crazy and unpredictable weather. Just when the weather seems to be warming up, BOOM – there is yet another winter weather advisory. While children often get excited about snow days, adults often dread trying to make the trip safely to work. Thank goodness for snow plows and salt trucks! But have you ever stopped and wondered how exactly rock salt works? It does a good job, but in what conditions is it most effective?

Rock salt works best at temperatures relatively close to freezing according to this source. It requires moisture to be effective at really low temperatures, so road crews often pre-wet the salt with a solution that helps wet the salt. Pre-wetting also cuts down on the salt required to achieve the same effectiveness, saving money.

Knowing the conditions salt works best at, what is the science behind its success? Well, we all know that water is composed of two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen atom, hence H2O. Rock salt’s molecular formula is NaCl, and when it mixes with water, it breaks down into ions of Na+ and Cl-. All of these ions mixed in the solution prevent the water molecules from forming a solid because we aren’t dealing with just plain water anymore. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. However a solution of salt water will now stay in liquid form at 15 degrees, making rock salt effective for snow and ice removal on roads and sidewalks.

Our premium rock salt is made with 97% NaCl, making it your best choice for all of your snow and ice removal needs. We are not only confident in this premium rock salt product, but in the price as well! For all of your salt needs contact us, the salt professionals!

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