Time To Consider Salt Water Pools

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Ditch the Chemicals with Salt Water Pools

Summer is on its way. Already we can feel the warm breezes, smell the flower-scented air, and everyone around us is starting to plan barbecues and pool parties. Yes, soon, a great many of us will be complaining about itchy red eyes, chemical bleached hair, faded swimsuits, and dried-out skin. But that’s just the price of enjoying a pool… Right?

According to our trusted salt water pool site,  it doesn’t have to be. Having a salt water pool instead of the traditional chlorinated pool will greatly reduce, and might even eliminate entirely, all the usual problems surrounding an old-school swimming pool. Furthermore, you can save some money on maintenance by quickly and easily converting almost any pool into a salt water pool!

Salt water pools work by creating natural chlorine from the breakdown of salt, no additional chlorine chemical needs to be added. So if you already have a pool, you start saving money immediately by eliminating chlorine altogether. Once your pool is balanced,  you will also notice a remarkable drop in your consumption of other pool chemicals. The natural process of a salt water pool keeps the water much more stable and simply doesn’t need to be constantly rebalanced.

Despite their name, salt water pools are not like having an ocean in your backyard. The water in a salt water pool is approximately half the saltiness of human tears, and about 1/10th the saltiness of the Pacific Ocean, so you get all the benefits of salt water – softer skin, reduced chlorine allergy, silkier hair – without all the sticky skin and unpleasant odors! Also – no more red itchy eyes, bleached hair, or faded clothing.

Salt water pools can be built or converted above or below ground, so you are never forced to choose what kind of pool you want. In fact, an above-ground pool with a vinyl liner will actually have a longer lifespan because the salt water pool’s chlorine levels are so much lower. With all this going for them, it’s seriously time to start considering a salt water pool, so contact us today to get started!

Common FAQs about Saltwater Pools