Tips For Driving In The Snow

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Winter weather is difficult to prepare for because you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it will be snow; other days, it might be ice. Prepare yourself this winter with these tips for driving in the snow.

Before You Leave

Before you leave to drive in winter weather, you should check for any delays or closures. There is nothing worse than trying to drive somewhere and realizing roads are closed a little too late. This could save you time and even a trip. A common occurrence during winter weather is roads closing, which means people have to reroute to their destination. This is a huge reason why people end up stuck in their cars for hours during a commute. Plan ahead and save yourself some time!

Take Your Time

When you are driving, you should constantly adjust your speed to match the conditions of the road. Do not expect to drive at the same speed in the snow as you would on a warm sunny day. Remember to apply the gas slowly to regain traction, which will help avoid skids. Just as you accelerate slowly, you need to be cautious of stopping a well. Allow yourself plenty of time to come to a complete stop at stop signs or stoplights. It will take longer to slow down in the snow, so be mindful of that.

A contributing factor of vehicles getting stuck in bad weather is hills or inclines. A natural reaction to coming upon a hill is to increase your power so you can get over it. This does not work in the snow. If you apply extra power when you are going up the hill, it won’t work. Your wheels will spin, and you could get stuck. Instead, try to get more power before you go up an incline. If you can, do not stop on an incline. Not only will you have the incline to deal with, but accelerating as well.

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