5 Tips to Help Maintain Your Water Softener

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It may not be enough to have a good water softener in place. For continued optimal performance, and for a continuous flow of clean sparkling soft water, you need to know how to maintain your water softener. Here are helpful tips to help you maintain your water softener.

Look out for salt bridges

Depending on the quality of the salt in the water softener, a layer of hardened salt bridge may begin to develop in the brine tank. These salt bridges may inhibit the efficiency of the softener because they may prevent the regeneration of the resin beads. Be sure to remove them as soon as they accumulate.

Keep the brine tank clean

The brine tank in your modern water softener may not require regular cleaning. However, for optimal performance, clean the tank once every 6 to 12 months. Read the user manual before proceeding to clean it.

Do you have the right salt?

You won’t be saving any costs by using old salts in the home for your water softener. Check the manual to know whether your softener needs cube or crystal salts. Using the right salt enhances the performance of the softener, and ensures you have a constant supply of soft water for domestic use.

Make use of the water softener cleaner

The water softening process leads to the accumulation of heavy metals, iron and other organic compounds, which may result in the decline in the efficiency of the water softener. You need to be cleaning the resin bed once in a while to maintain high levels of efficiency.

Check the salt levels

Your water softener uses salt to soften the water. If you start getting hard water, it is because the salt levels in the equipment have gone down. To avoid such problems, keep an eye on the level of salt in the softener.

It is not enough that you have the best water softener you can get at the nearest store. You also need to maintain properly to enhance its performance.

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