Why Intex Saltwater System is Safe and Effective Pool Cleaner

 In Pool Salt

The Intex saltwater system is a water chlorinator designed for above-ground swimming pools: it converts above ground swimming pool to saltwater. Unlike other chlorinators, this system eliminates the need for packaged pool chemicals or using chlorine. This system delivers consistent, clean water with no harsh effects.

E.C.O (Electrocatalytic Oxidation Technology)

The system uses a two-stage method to clean pool water, the electrolysis method that generates chlorine and electrocatalytic oxidation. E.C.O splits water molecules into oxidants. These oxidants destroy the contaminants found in the water, such as algae and bacteria.
The second stage is very effective in that it reduces the amount of chlorine by up to 60%. The oxidation process greatly reduces the chlorine levels making them undetectable and make for a pleasant swimming and bathing experience.

  • Sleek casting and control panel with easy access buttons and display
  • Added power button

Installation & Maintenance of the Intex Saltwater System

Installing the system is easy; you need to connect the hose from your pump’s output to the unit, run the hose from the system’s output, and return it to the pool.

The Intex saltwater system has a self-cleaning system that doesn’t require high maintenance. The system sets the self-cleaning cycle time itself. There are three settings of 6, 10, and 14 hours with hours referring to the time interval when the system switches polarity on the plates.

Reducing the switching of the polarity helps lengthen the electrolytic cell’s life. The calcium hardness of the water helps determine how often you should set the reverse polarity to occur. Consult the manual to know the setting for the different calcium hardness. You can prevent the calcium buildup by switching polarity in the cell. Manual cleaning and maintenance of the electrolytic cell can increase its lifespan.

The Intex saltwater system is a beneficial and safe way to clean your pool water: it has unique self-cleaning features. It uses the electrolytic oxidation system to reduce the amount of chlorine needed. The system is easy to install and operate and reduces the potentially harsh effects of packaged pool chemicals. Contact us today to start cleaning your pool safely and effectively using the Intex saltwater system.

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